Change is inevitable – this is the tagline of my present company. For some strange reason, it has mesmerized me since the moment I heard it. It implies a far bigger concept than what these three words signify- this is because it is not only applicable to my company, it is the only truth of the moment.

             If you really think deeply, every single thing in the universe is undergoing one or the other form of change every second- the electrons changing their speed and direction, the atoms changing their configuration, the planets changing their position, and humans changing their spouses! Ok, bad joke. But honestly, Everything’s changing!!

            Now if the entire structure of the universe is changing, the time is changing with every passing moment, why the heck are we still bound by our ancient traditions?

The event that triggered this rebellious thought was the festival of Dussehra that we celebrated yesterday. There were loads and loads of flowers of marigold and leaves of some particular tree (aptyachi paane) on the streets. At first, I was delighted to see the beautiful flowers in such abundance; it definitely was eye-candy- till the time I realized that so many trees had been deprived of their flowers and leaves! Just because traditionally, this is what was exchanged as a token of good luck. But that was because in olden days, that was what was readily available! There were trees and leaves and flowers all around, and it was real easy to go pick them and exchange! But does it make any sense to do that anymore? As if we needed any more trees to be cut and the land eroded! Can’t we utilize that money to put a smile on the face of a homeless person?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more such stupid, blind, mindless following of traditions. I am not saying that the traditions are stupid- at the time when they were formulated; it was the best thing to do. But they are not applicable anymore. What sense does it make to throw and waste rice grains over the married couple in marriage ceremonies, when so many poor people are dying on the streets all over the world because of hunger? When our ancestors decided on this ritual, it was the right thing to do, because at that time, food was in abundance and population was less, so it made sense to use it to signify blessings being showered on the couple. But not anymore. Won’t it be better if we now donate that amount of food to an orphanage?

The same thing in case of division of work between husband and wife. In the olden times, there was the clear-cut division of work, wherein the husband was the bread-winner of the family, and the wife used to take care of the household chores. But in today’s times, when women handle responsibilities at par with men, is it not necessary that men should shoulder some of the household duties? Then why does the “society” still insist that the woman should look after the work and house and kids, while it is derogatory for the husband to help her out? What age are we living in? Primitive??

All I want to say through this huge article is that times are changing- and we need to change with them- for the betterment of our future. Let us try and adjust with our time, share what we have with others, and make everyone happyJ  Happy living!!
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