The other day, I was working in my office, like any other day, and accidentally overheard one of my male colleague telling another one – “Ya, that may be true, but you know what, all females are dumb.” Now being a “female” myself, my most natural and immediate reaction was supposed to be that all men are like that, I should have thought of all the exemplary women of the past as well as the present who defy this statement, or at the very least it should have hurt my ego. But my actual reaction was that I couldn’t help laughing!! The way he said it was as if stating an obvious fact, similar to saying “you know what, the Sun shines”- that obvious. And the conviction and innocence with which he said it was way too hilarious. One more thing that made me laugh was the use of the term “female”, as if we are some different species, or inhabitants of some distant planet! And honestly, I personally believe that women should not fight for equality for men. Because they then give up their superiority! And you can’t blame the “males” (!) for formulating this belief about women having a lower IQ. You see, the Theory of Relativity is at work here. The male species have extremely low levels of understanding, and hence are unable to grasp the intelligent concepts that we present, and since they can not understand it, they consider it as unintelligent. And since we are blessed with better emotional powers as well, it is our duty to sympathize with them and pray that they gain some of our ‘dumb’ness..Amen.
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