In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna gives Arjun one simple instruction - Surrender. Since I am a hard-core Krishna fan, I thought a lot about how this instruction applies to my life, or what implications does it have on my being. And then when I found my answer, it was as if Krishna had gifted me the Heavens.
            The way I understand it is that Krishna knows what I do, feel and think every single moment. He knows exactly every reason behind each of my actions and thought process. That's why He is totally aware of the emotional turmoil that I go through, He knows the unnecessary baggage of hurt and pain that I carry on my tiny shoulders, He knows the dejection that I go through when something that I put my heart and soul into, doesn't turn out well. And He also knows the heightened  excitement that I feel when something good happens, He knows the lack of concentration that I face then. In short, He knows about all the highs and lows that happen in my world, and He is completely aware that they throw me off the track.

            That's why He asks me to Surrender, to give up everything that I have held close and which is causing me pain. He asks me to turn all my troubles and worries to Him, and free my heart and let it soar. He tells me that He will take care of all my problems, while I enjoy each moment fearlessly and blissfully.

            As I see it, Krishna is my storehouse, the keeper of my feelings and thoughts and deeds. After I accomplish any task, no matter whether it's an important project, or having food, I surrender it to Him, and relieve myself of the burden of the doership of the task. Then I can move on to the next task with a free, uncluttered mind and a happy soul. And the fact that I am ultimately doing it for my beloved Krishna, makes me put even more efforts and thus makes everything I do, a piece of worship. And also as my focus point is Krishna, I do everything as per His standards, and then what anybody feels about it doesn't matter anymore! So my creation ultimately becomes absolute., not subjected to the Theory of Relativity.

            So the key to a happy, fulfilling life is Surrender!
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