This is a tribute to the animated movie – Horton, the best animated film EVER! For those who don’t know, Horton is a movie about an elephant named Horton, who discovers a world of Whos, who reside in Whosville, which is an entire world of its own, on a speck on a clover! And their world is endangered (obviously!) and Horton saves it. This is the basic theme of the entire movie.

             There are two main characters: Horton and Mr. Mayor, the mayor of Whosville. Jim Carrey has lent his voice to Horton, and, as usual, makes him come alive. His toning and timing are as perfect and hilarious as ever. Mr. Mayor is played, rather voiced (?) by Steve Carell, and he has done an a-maz-ing job of it. Then there is the villain – the kangaroo – who is voiced (ok, accept it, it’s my terminology) by Carol Burnett, and she actually makes you feel scared ( even for an animation movie, that’s saying something!). And the rest of the supporting cast, Mr. Mayor’s 96 children for instance, have done a good job as well.

            The conceptualization, plot, and implementation are mind-blowing and sooo cute!!! How Horton faces all the obstacles, from nature as well as his friends, and how he overcomes them is well narrated. There are times in the movie, when everyone else thinks that Horton has lost his mind, to be able to hear voices from a speck on a clover, and even try to punish him for that, but he remains steadfast in his belief and fights for and saves Whosville. The depiction of this conviction is extremely well shot. The concept by which he understands the existence of Whosville made me think of the comparison of our world with Whosville. May be, just may be, even our world is a small speck somewhere..what am I saying, it actually is! In the vast expanse of the Universe, our world is not even a speck! And the fact that may be our Horton is also watching over us, caring and fighting for us, makes me feel safe and relieved and happy! I definitely want to meet my Horton!!!

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