This is a regular scene in my office: everyone is working hard on their respective computers, deeply absorbed in their work, when suddenly, you hear a moan, and then a loud call - “Sanket!!". Then, from nowhere, Sanket Gandhi, the savior, appears to rescue the programmers from the problematic computer, the 'not working' network, the 'loss of Internet connection', and so on. When the work comes to an absolute standstill, and the PC user is gaping helplessly at the computer, he resolves the issue and puts the machine back to its working form, God know how.

He is a total pro in network management and administration. No one, absolutely no one I know has better knowledge of this field than him. Extremely helpful, ever smiling, and constantly on the run are the prominent attributes that can be assigned to him. He is easily accessible, and never says no to help. Personally, I am grateful to him for answering all my stupid ignorant questions very patiently.

I fondly call him 'R&D'- for he is always learning and developing his skills. If he is not working on some complicated network issue, you can see him reading, thinking, and trying out new techniques and solutions with absolute dedication. He gets absorbed in it completely. Since I have joined this company, I have never seen him idle even once. Not only that, he even helps others to gain expertise in the field by training them.

All in all, a great human being to work with, with a lot of qualities worth learning and incorporating in my own life. On his birthday today, I wish him all the luck and success, which he rightly deserves. May God bless him..Happy Birthday Sanket!
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Many of my friends have complimented me on my blog, and expressed the desire to do the same. That’s why I decided to write this post to share some tips and tricks of the trade. So here goes:
1.Choosing a blogging platform:
To begin with, choose a blog platform that you find comfortable and interesting. Play around with the options before finalizing on any one. Blogger and WordPress are good to begin with.
2.Choose the theme of your blog:
Once you finalize the platform, decide the theme of your blog: whether you are going to write on sports, technology, literature, spirituality, or are you simply going to write about your experiences and thoughts. Trust me, deciding the theme beforehand, definitely simplifies the writing process.
3.Play around with the appearance to get the feel:
Most people feel that once you create a blog, you ought to start writing blog posts. I beg to differ. In my experience, I enjoy playing around with templates and widgets to get the feel of the blog, and then start the actual writing. This gives me a sense of ownership of the blog, and thus makes the writing experience much more enjoyable.
4.Begin the writing process:
Now for the crucial part – the actual writing process. Start with the topic that you know well, or are really passionate about. You must be wanting to share something with your readers. Do not be in a hurry to finish off this task. Take your own time, think extensively before you write, brainstorm, write, and review. That’s it. Simple isn’t it?
5.Keep it simple:
One of the common mistakes among new bloggers (including me) is that we tend to express our ideas in a complicated way. Since we have to say so many things, we tend to just go on and on and on. This leads to lessened interest in our posts, as reading long sentences on the PC is a bit tiresome. So say whatever you want in a simple, crisp, and precise way.
6.Express one idea in one paragraph:
Whenever you want to write a post that would consist of more than one ideas, always express each idea in a new paragraph. This helps the reader to keep track of what is being said easily.
7.Be interactive:
Always remember that there is a human being that is going to read your posts. Make sure that your posts are interactive in nature, like a general conversation. This lends a sense of involvement for your readers, and enhances their reading experience.
8.Use the active voice:
Use the active and direct sentence construction to increase readability and understanding of your post. Inactive voice or indirect speech often form a tedious reading experience. For instance, use the active voice is easier to understand than the active voice should be used.
9.Use visual indicators as much as possible:
Make use of as much images and graphics, maps, charts, and so on as needed to assist the reader in understanding of what is being said. Visual aids help a lot in conveying the meaning correctly. Just make sure that you do not clutter your blog.
10.Explore, Experiment, Enjoy:
Blogging is a platform which lets you express your creativity and thought process. It is an on-going process. Make the most of it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Explore different options, experiment with them, and make sure you enjoy the process.
That’s all for now. If you need any more help, feel free to contact me. Till then, Happy Blogging!
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     In the frantic pace of today’s life, amidst the constant ringing of cell phones and the hectic work schedules, our heart craves for a solitary moment of peace and quiet. This is what you gain at Karpewadi. Situated near Alibaug, on the eastern coast of India, it is the perfect destination for a family get-away. No cell phones, no internet, no newspapers, television – just you, your dear ones, and nature – truly Paradise on Earth.

It is a private beach resort, just a 3-hour drive from Pune. The first thing that strikes you as you reach there is the soothing peace and quiet. The breathtaking beauty of nature is a treat for the eyes. On arrival, you are served refreshing natural drinks of kokam sherbet and coconut water. The accommodation provisions consist of well-furnished cottages which have a traditional-village feel to them. There are hammocks and swings to escalate the relaxing experience. The food is delicious as well as nourishing. The expert chefs at the resort prepare the typical dishes of the coastal area as per your requests. The staff is very courteous and helpful, and extends good service.

     After settling in, you can proceed to the beach. The path to the beach is a beautiful way through the woods. Being a private beach, it is absolutely clean and not at all crowded. It is lined with ranges and ranges of coconut trees, smooth and firm sand, and crystal clear water. You can enjoy the boat rides, which take you deep into the sea and if you are lucky, watch the dolphins. The view there is marvelous. Surrounded by water on all sides, the sunrays playing on the water surface, the infinite sky overhead, birds sitting on the still water surface, and pin-drop silence – it is really a worthy experience.

Being in nature’s vicinity soothes the ruffled soul. It heals and resurrects the spiritual energy within you. All the stress and tensions of your daily life vanish into the thin air. You miraculously find the answers to all the troubling problems that you might be facing. The unpolluted, pure air refreshes your senses. The serenity of the place offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself and with nature. You feel one with nature, and can admire the splendor of natural beauty – the sunrise and the sunset, the scaling heights of the trees, the varied hues of natural colors, the mighty mountains next to the infinite water- it is a superb experience. You truly appreciate God’s powers and His Creations. It is an experience that rejuvenates your entire being and prepares you to take on your worldly responsibilities with a renewed vigor.

       In the mad rat-race of our times, such a vacation definitely helps to gain the right perspective and regain your strength to face the obstacles. Hope you enjoy your stay at Karpewadi. Bon Voyage!
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                In today’s world, when the teacher-student relation is restricted only to the classroom and the syllabus, I have had the fortune to be the student of Prof. C.S. Garde – the beacon of hope in the present scenario.
                Prof. C.S. Garde was the Head of Department of the Engineering Sciences department in my first year in college.  I was a bit apprehensive regarding the transition from high school to college. But on the first day itself, his peaceful aura and warm smile made me feel at home. The way he explained the principles of Physics made us want to explore them even further. According to him, any law or principle that is discovered by someone else shouldn’t be taken for granted by us, but we should reinvent the wheel and test the validity of the statement for ourselves. This is how I got the practice of questioning and verifying any piece of information that comes my way, which is proving to be an invaluable asset for me.
                From there, we became closely associated with him. We used to spend hours and hours after college discussing theories of Physics, nature of matter and energy, spirituality, and ways of living life and so on. It was, by far, the best time of my life. To be able to delve in such profound subjects gave me a unique feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. These being the formative years of my life, I owe all my intellectual maturity to Garde Sir.
He not only taught us things related to our academics, but also educated us about the way of living life fully and justifiably. He taught us the basic principles of how to choose the correct path and have the courage to stand up for what are right. He never took our decisions for us, but always implored us to think through the situation and choose our own way. I am indebted to him for life for helping me become the person that I am today.
He is astoundingly brilliant, very well-read, and his thought process is worth emulating. Having travelled widely, he is extremely experienced and has a clear understanding of the various cultures and mindsets. He makes it a point to incorporate the positive aspects of the people of the places he visits, and refrains from criticizing the negative side.
He strives to arrange academic events and lectures to expose his students to the latest trends. He actively participates and supports any initiatives by the students, as far as they are related to growth in knowledge. He encourages and motivates his pupils to explore the different avenues and provides all the required assistance. He is very friendly and does not believe in any formalities. All you have to do is ask for his help and rest assured that he will do his best to guide you.
In these times, when everyone is so engrossed in their own lives, persons like Prof. Garde seem like the breath of fresh air. I wish to follow his footsteps and reach to his level someday. Hope my wish comes true. Amen.
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             On graduating with an engineering degree from a reputed institute, I was raring to get going on the career front, just didn’t know how. I had the requisite talent, the capacity of working hard and so on, but without a direction. That was when I met Mr. Chetan Kelkar.
Chetan Kelkar is the CEO of Agile Technosys, a prominent web design and development company in India. I joined Agile Technosys as a Content Writer. That is how I got the opportunity to know this multi-faceted personality.
Chetan Sir is the true example of a self-made man. A Computer Engineer by qualification, a normal 9-to-5 job couldn’t satisfy the passion he has for his work. So after coming to Pune from Mumbai, he set out all by himself to carve his own niche in the IT domain. This is how Agile Technosys- as we know it- came into being. With the initial employee strength of 4 people, and the initial investment was of Rs. 8000 only he started the first office in a 250 sq. ft. basement. From there, Agile Technosys has grown to have employee strength of whooping 175+ and multiple offices at various locations.
Chetan Kelkar is one person in whom you can find totally opposite trends of human nature perfectly blended together to form an amazing personality. His astute calculations, flawless methodical planning, and business-minded nature mesmerize you completely; while his benign nature, helpful and friendly approach, simple and down-to-earth attitude make you feel comfortable in his presence.
He is a staunch believer in his values. His conviction of right and wrong guides his actions. He believes in fighting fair and sensibly, rather than following the tit-for-tat method. He believes in the policy of Equal Opportunity for all, and goes out of his way to help those in need, without projecting fake sympathy.
His dedication to his work is mind-boggling. For him, nothing matters more than his work. He is extremely methodical in his work, and a terrific planner. To see him juggling all tasks at once is a great learning experience.
He believes in talent and hard-work, and not degrees and certifications. He always promotes budding entrepreneurs and helps them set up their own organizations. He shares his knowledge and experiences with anyone who asks foe help. He encourages and motivates youngsters to excel in their fields and acts as the strong pillar of support.
His Never-Say-Die attitude is what separates him from the crowd. His plans to the minutest detail. At the same time, he is not afraid to take risks. He has a very positive attitude towards life, by which he considers every failure as a stepping stone to success. He never gives upon an idea he is convicted about; he follows it through and makes it successful.
He is an exemplary visionary. He thinks beyond the capacity of a normal person. To appreciate his thought process, one has to be exceptionally brilliant and attentive. He has a good insight for the current and future trends, and knows how to cash in on them. Every time you meet him, he astonishes you with one of his awesome ideas.
There are very few people who have the courage to dream, and make their dreams come true. Chetan Kelkar is one of them. To me, he is the person to whom I owe all my knowledge and experience. He has not only taught me the tips and tricks of a successful career, but also has helped me grow into a better individual. He is truly my ideal boss, my mentor.
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              For some unknown reason, my mood was extremely restless today. Nothing happening around me seemed to make any sense. I saw a very old man pulling an extremely heavy load van. Then I saw a very old woman begging for alms. Then I saw a really small kid doing the same thing. And what made me more angrier with myself, was the fact that these people seemed like that they had accepted their fate, they had accepted their condition, and playing the game that destiny had played dealt them with. They were doing the best they could with what they have. Then why the hell do I have to question everything in my life?

 Why do I have to keep on cribbing and wallowing and asking for more? Why do I have to be this greedy? I have almost all the amenities and luxuries of a good life. Then why is my soul so restless and unsatisfied? What am I looking for? Will the million questions ever be answered? Why is my faith in Krishna quavering because I don’t see His verdict coming true, because I don’t see any valid proof of His existence anymore? Why am I feeling this need for my faith to be proved? Why am I unable to surrender to Him unconditionally and innocently as I used to? Why can’t I just resign to the fate He has decided for me, and just do my duty, like these people? These people do not think and brood and analyze, or rather over-analyze everything, do they? Then why me? Why can’t I just accept things? Why this craving to know? Why the questions about the origin of the Universe, and the end of time? Why the brooding over the purpose of my existence? Why does the mundane routine, which everyone follows so dutifully- get up, get ready, work, sleep; or in the larger context, to take birth, grow, reproduce, and die, work for me? Why do I feel this cycle of activities to be worthless and useless and downright stupid? Doesn’t every other supposed ‘living’ thing follow the same procedure? The plants, the animals, the insects, the micro-organisms, and even other human beings, then why do I have to question it?

What makes me feel that I will get the answers if I just persist in asking the questions? In today’s world, if loving others unconditionally and doing good for someone are proving to be vices, the biggest weaknesses, even sins that can possibly persist within a human being, why do I have to cherish them and feel guilty and mortified if I decide not to follow them anymore?

           I was right you know. I shouldn’t be alive. I don’t deserve to live in this world. I just don’t belong here. I want to go home!!! To Krishna..where everything is simple. Every person is good and simple. No stupid emotional and egoistic complications. Love rules, and not that stupid filmy love - love in its truest form, unconditional and natural and pure love. Nature is peaceful and happy. There is peace and happiness all around, without any reason. There is pure soul-to-soul direct communication between people, without the crutches of mobiles and landlines and facebook and twitter blah blah blah. Where people value each other as human beings, not because some religion or sector or gender. Where basically people know how to be human. And they also respect other living and non-living entities, and not behave as the kings of this planet and claim everything for themselves and inflict pain on the poor creatures. That is my home. And if my faith in Krishna is true, and if He truly loves me, He will make this wish come true. I don’t know how and when, but He will- that I definitely know.
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Being in the content writing field for almost a month now, I have grown quite acquainted with it. My engineering college days seem like a distant past, though it was just a few months back. Also in my office, I sit with the marketing team, which is not concerned with the technological aspects. So when I got the assignment of preparing a User’s Guide for a software application, it was a completely new experience for me. And I was supposed to spend an hour in the programmers’ area. Hmm…

            The first thing I noticed the moment I settled there, was the pin-drop silence. Being with the marketing team for so long, I am used to the constant chatter and ringing phones, but the picture here was completely reverse-and scary. Each and every one over here was engrossed in their own world. I could practically hear their brains wheezing around me. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the monitor screens, hands either rolling the mouse-wheel or moving frantically over the keyboard, looks of absolute concentration on each face. I was feeling totally out of place, and had to make an extra effort to maintain my voice level to that of a whisper.

            The person who was supposed to guide me was busy, so I took this chance to explore this new world. On every computer, I could only see lines and lines of code in an alien language, and what bemused me was the fact that these people understood them! I was mightily impressed with their devotion-like attitude towards their work, and their extreme patienceJ.

            I realized that the backend job is extremely difficult and, according to me, boring. It is these people that make our lives so much easier. The things that we achieve ‘at the click of a button’, are the result of hours and hours of the hard-work of the programmers. It was truly a humbling experience. It inspired me to put in everything I have to present the magnificent work of these dedicated beings in the best possible manner, to the rest of the world. Kudos to the programmers!!!
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