Being in the content writing field for almost a month now, I have grown quite acquainted with it. My engineering college days seem like a distant past, though it was just a few months back. Also in my office, I sit with the marketing team, which is not concerned with the technological aspects. So when I got the assignment of preparing a User’s Guide for a software application, it was a completely new experience for me. And I was supposed to spend an hour in the programmers’ area. Hmm…

            The first thing I noticed the moment I settled there, was the pin-drop silence. Being with the marketing team for so long, I am used to the constant chatter and ringing phones, but the picture here was completely reverse-and scary. Each and every one over here was engrossed in their own world. I could practically hear their brains wheezing around me. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the monitor screens, hands either rolling the mouse-wheel or moving frantically over the keyboard, looks of absolute concentration on each face. I was feeling totally out of place, and had to make an extra effort to maintain my voice level to that of a whisper.

            The person who was supposed to guide me was busy, so I took this chance to explore this new world. On every computer, I could only see lines and lines of code in an alien language, and what bemused me was the fact that these people understood them! I was mightily impressed with their devotion-like attitude towards their work, and their extreme patienceJ.

            I realized that the backend job is extremely difficult and, according to me, boring. It is these people that make our lives so much easier. The things that we achieve ‘at the click of a button’, are the result of hours and hours of the hard-work of the programmers. It was truly a humbling experience. It inspired me to put in everything I have to present the magnificent work of these dedicated beings in the best possible manner, to the rest of the world. Kudos to the programmers!!!
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