On graduating with an engineering degree from a reputed institute, I was raring to get going on the career front, just didn’t know how. I had the requisite talent, the capacity of working hard and so on, but without a direction. That was when I met Mr. Chetan Kelkar.
Chetan Kelkar is the CEO of Agile Technosys, a prominent web design and development company in India. I joined Agile Technosys as a Content Writer. That is how I got the opportunity to know this multi-faceted personality.
Chetan Sir is the true example of a self-made man. A Computer Engineer by qualification, a normal 9-to-5 job couldn’t satisfy the passion he has for his work. So after coming to Pune from Mumbai, he set out all by himself to carve his own niche in the IT domain. This is how Agile Technosys- as we know it- came into being. With the initial employee strength of 4 people, and the initial investment was of Rs. 8000 only he started the first office in a 250 sq. ft. basement. From there, Agile Technosys has grown to have employee strength of whooping 175+ and multiple offices at various locations.
Chetan Kelkar is one person in whom you can find totally opposite trends of human nature perfectly blended together to form an amazing personality. His astute calculations, flawless methodical planning, and business-minded nature mesmerize you completely; while his benign nature, helpful and friendly approach, simple and down-to-earth attitude make you feel comfortable in his presence.
He is a staunch believer in his values. His conviction of right and wrong guides his actions. He believes in fighting fair and sensibly, rather than following the tit-for-tat method. He believes in the policy of Equal Opportunity for all, and goes out of his way to help those in need, without projecting fake sympathy.
His dedication to his work is mind-boggling. For him, nothing matters more than his work. He is extremely methodical in his work, and a terrific planner. To see him juggling all tasks at once is a great learning experience.
He believes in talent and hard-work, and not degrees and certifications. He always promotes budding entrepreneurs and helps them set up their own organizations. He shares his knowledge and experiences with anyone who asks foe help. He encourages and motivates youngsters to excel in their fields and acts as the strong pillar of support.
His Never-Say-Die attitude is what separates him from the crowd. His plans to the minutest detail. At the same time, he is not afraid to take risks. He has a very positive attitude towards life, by which he considers every failure as a stepping stone to success. He never gives upon an idea he is convicted about; he follows it through and makes it successful.
He is an exemplary visionary. He thinks beyond the capacity of a normal person. To appreciate his thought process, one has to be exceptionally brilliant and attentive. He has a good insight for the current and future trends, and knows how to cash in on them. Every time you meet him, he astonishes you with one of his awesome ideas.
There are very few people who have the courage to dream, and make their dreams come true. Chetan Kelkar is one of them. To me, he is the person to whom I owe all my knowledge and experience. He has not only taught me the tips and tricks of a successful career, but also has helped me grow into a better individual. He is truly my ideal boss, my mentor.
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