This is a regular scene in my office: everyone is working hard on their respective computers, deeply absorbed in their work, when suddenly, you hear a moan, and then a loud call - “Sanket!!". Then, from nowhere, Sanket Gandhi, the savior, appears to rescue the programmers from the problematic computer, the 'not working' network, the 'loss of Internet connection', and so on. When the work comes to an absolute standstill, and the PC user is gaping helplessly at the computer, he resolves the issue and puts the machine back to its working form, God know how.

He is a total pro in network management and administration. No one, absolutely no one I know has better knowledge of this field than him. Extremely helpful, ever smiling, and constantly on the run are the prominent attributes that can be assigned to him. He is easily accessible, and never says no to help. Personally, I am grateful to him for answering all my stupid ignorant questions very patiently.

I fondly call him 'R&D'- for he is always learning and developing his skills. If he is not working on some complicated network issue, you can see him reading, thinking, and trying out new techniques and solutions with absolute dedication. He gets absorbed in it completely. Since I have joined this company, I have never seen him idle even once. Not only that, he even helps others to gain expertise in the field by training them.

All in all, a great human being to work with, with a lot of qualities worth learning and incorporating in my own life. On his birthday today, I wish him all the luck and success, which he rightly deserves. May God bless him..Happy Birthday Sanket!
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