In today’s world, when the teacher-student relation is restricted only to the classroom and the syllabus, I have had the fortune to be the student of Prof. C.S. Garde – the beacon of hope in the present scenario.
                Prof. C.S. Garde was the Head of Department of the Engineering Sciences department in my first year in college.  I was a bit apprehensive regarding the transition from high school to college. But on the first day itself, his peaceful aura and warm smile made me feel at home. The way he explained the principles of Physics made us want to explore them even further. According to him, any law or principle that is discovered by someone else shouldn’t be taken for granted by us, but we should reinvent the wheel and test the validity of the statement for ourselves. This is how I got the practice of questioning and verifying any piece of information that comes my way, which is proving to be an invaluable asset for me.
                From there, we became closely associated with him. We used to spend hours and hours after college discussing theories of Physics, nature of matter and energy, spirituality, and ways of living life and so on. It was, by far, the best time of my life. To be able to delve in such profound subjects gave me a unique feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. These being the formative years of my life, I owe all my intellectual maturity to Garde Sir.
He not only taught us things related to our academics, but also educated us about the way of living life fully and justifiably. He taught us the basic principles of how to choose the correct path and have the courage to stand up for what are right. He never took our decisions for us, but always implored us to think through the situation and choose our own way. I am indebted to him for life for helping me become the person that I am today.
He is astoundingly brilliant, very well-read, and his thought process is worth emulating. Having travelled widely, he is extremely experienced and has a clear understanding of the various cultures and mindsets. He makes it a point to incorporate the positive aspects of the people of the places he visits, and refrains from criticizing the negative side.
He strives to arrange academic events and lectures to expose his students to the latest trends. He actively participates and supports any initiatives by the students, as far as they are related to growth in knowledge. He encourages and motivates his pupils to explore the different avenues and provides all the required assistance. He is very friendly and does not believe in any formalities. All you have to do is ask for his help and rest assured that he will do his best to guide you.
In these times, when everyone is so engrossed in their own lives, persons like Prof. Garde seem like the breath of fresh air. I wish to follow his footsteps and reach to his level someday. Hope my wish comes true. Amen.
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